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GearHead2 v0.440

The original SAN-X1 BuruBuru of SantiagoZ DesignsA new version of GearHead2, the best of science fiction roguelikes out there, has been released. The author says the game is still far from complete, although it is completely playable and enjoyable.

For those who don’t know (or are too young to remember), GearHead2 is a science fiction roguelike CRPG featuring random story generation and big stompy robots. The game is far from complete, but has finally reached the stage where I’m willing to call it playable. All of the major systems are in place and working.

Read the official release announcement.

I am glad to see the game keeps evolving and is still in development. You gotta give it a look if you haven’t!

Learn more about the GearHead project via the forums, wiki and website

GearHead 2 is also open source! if interested on contributing check it out at sourceforge

Gumband 2.3.0 Released

Gumband, an angband variant currently being mantained by R. Dan Henry, a r.g.r.d regular, and created by Joseph William Dixon has reached version 2.3.0 with many new changes on the list.

So, what’s especially worth trying? Well, there are the three new races to play. Vampires have changed enough to be worth a new look. A Beastman is the best way to experiment with the new mutation set. A Half-Giant Archer can the game with a x7 multiplier using a heavy crossbow of extra-might. Mindcrafting has been made more convenient since I debugged the repeat-command code.

Gumband is a variant based on Zangband, but replaces most of its Amber influence with Michael Moorcock’s Eternal Champion books. According to the current mantainer there is still a lot of ground to cover, as the project incorporates ideas from the Sword and Sorcery series.

Download source and DOS executable at

Official release post detailing all changes: here via google groups

Experiment: DNA integration


Xenocide logo 'X'


The year is 2129, and man has taken to the stars. With him he had brought all of the wonders and horrors that he was wrought throughout the ages; joy and sorrow, peace and war, life and death. He has also found that he is not alone…

Xenocide the roguelike presents world from distant future. Humanity has advanced far beyond what modern people dream about technology. Then came the discovery of hyper-drive engine enabling rapid space exploration. Man begins to expand his empire, and finally meets intelligent alien race.

The crew of the Columbus attempted to make contact with the alien vessel, but they received no response. They waited for ten long hours, transmitting the same message of greetings and peace. Then, just when most of the crew had begun to suspect that the alien vessel might be abandoned, they received a response from it. The response did not come in the form of a communication, it came in the form of a missile, a missile with an antimatter warhead.
Thus began the war.

Read the review here

DiabloRL takes the OpenSource path

DiabloRL Logo

Mr. Anubis Raskolnikov, creator of the great rougelike DoomRL, has made a step toward software freedom by releasing the DiabloRL source to the world! The project is very promising, and it is a shame not having the time to make it better when you are a busy roguelike developer, so I am glad he took the decition… I hope we can see new version of the game pop out soon!

As I don’t have as much time to develope DiabloRL as I would like, I decided to release it’s source code under the GPL licence. Also I created a project for DiabloRL on SourceForge, where a SVN repository is set up for DiabloRL.

As an added bonus, I add the most recent version (basically the 0.4.1-4 that has been on the DiabloRL beta tests forum) for download as 0.4.2, and it’s source code too.

If anyone’s willing to work on it, I’ll gladly give him write permission on the SVN server.

Via chaosforge

Incursion 0.6.4A

IncursionJulian Mensch has just released the final version of Incursion until 2008! That’s a long time to wait before more RL goodness comes our way from one of the best in development RL’s currently going. Grab the latest version from the Incursion website here.

From the release:

I’ve just released the final version of Incursion before my planned development hiatus until early 2008. There’sa great deal changed and fixed in this version, but thehighlights include rebalanced casters, explore mode,new difficulty-altering options, much improved allies, many crash bugs fixed, more useable gods and lots and lots ofgeneral debugging.

The Win32 version is up on the site; the Linux version and an update to the web manual should be coming tomorrow, hopefully.

Best wishes everyone!

– Julian Mensch

Junk collector

Rough terrainScrap was entry for 7DRL challenge in 2005 but after deadline author wished to polish it in order to make it more a game than a proof of concept. Later extended version came and finally 1.1 which fixed all known bugs.

You control a robot surrounded by other hostile robots. That is all you get to know about the plot but it is sufficient. Your machine can have up to eight systems plugged in. Any combination with at least one power source is valid. How one collects parts to plug into one’s robot? From other robots of course!

Read the rest of the review

Ascii Dreams – a Roguelike Developer’s Diary

Ascii Dreams is a developer blog from the author of Unangband which is regularly updated and also features a good amount of articles and insight into the twisted world of roguelike game development.

From the website:

Spent too much time killing letters and collecting punctuation? Ever gone to sleep and seen ASCII in front of your eyes? This is the story of one developer pulling the levers behind the curtains, building the game he wants to play, and telling you like it is.

Check it out here

Also a new version of Unangband 0.6.2-wip6a is available.

Rogue 5.44 Released

Changes from 5.4.3 to 5.4.4 include:

– Save/restore code fixed
– Fixed crash when c)alling a weapon twice
– Mac OS/X port (no binary package yet)
Please report any problems or bugs you encounter.

Binaries posted for: Windows, DOS, Linux
Source posted with autoconf and generic makefile support

You can download it from the Rogue Restoration homepage here

Sword of Fargoal

Author Jeff McCord (original) Paul Pridham and Elias Pschernig (Remake)
Platform binaries: Windows, Mac
Version 1.0


An excellent remake of a classic Vic 20 and Commodore 64 roguelike. Much simpler than Rogue or Nethack but it has an elegant charm to it. Check it out here.

Sword of Fargoal is a dungeon adventure game published in 1983 through a Silicon Valley game company called “Epyx,” famous for pioneering adventure games such as “Temple of Apshai” and others. A newly released computer called the Commodore 64, which boasted a whopping 64K of RAM, changed everything for computer gaming history … and so the story began!

Your Quest Begins!

The misty powers of magic have settled over the Great Forest lands, twisting, swirling into every nook of the village of Ferrin. Evil spells wisp about like fog, draining courage and trust from the hearts of men.

Good magics have vanished, and no longer are there brave warriors who wield weapons of steel against the land’s enemies. The Protectorate Sword is gone!