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Playing OnlineThis NetHack variant has been around for while now, being constantly developed and updated (contrasting to the other variants, let alone vanilla), the author, Derek Ray, has decided to address some of the things NetHack needs to keep being fun and interesting for new and old players.

Along with this, the author also provides a public telnet server you can play on. Simply telnet to, create an account, and select ‘p’lay!

Vanilla Nethack has been solved.

I know, this is heresy for a lot of people. But Marvin has a 23-game ascension streak posted on, and Mike Kelly recently broke that streak with a 24-game one of his own. There is a player with over 100 ascensions on NAO since June. Someone is writing a borg to automate large parts of the game. This wouldn’t be possible if it weren’t effectively solved, which is quite possible for a turn-based game.

Playing OnlineMost importantly, because the game has been solved, there’s no longer a lot of fun available for a spoiled and/or experienced player. There are a number of perfect binary defenses available, and the game is all about obtaining those as soon as possible… relegating tactics and on-the-spot creativity to the early game.

I could have waited for the Dev Team to release the next version, but it’s been four years and there’s no guarantee they’ll think the same way I do. So, I created this. It’s a full fork of vanilla Nethack 3.4.3.

In short, one of the purposes of this fork is to try to make the game more interesting for experienced/skilled players, while making it no harder (or, in a couple cases, slightly easier) for the newbie. It’s also going to be an attempt to try to increase variety in the standard ‘ascension kit’, since right now that kit is pretty well defined.


ASCIIzed roguetemple with some of its dwellers

ASCIIDraw by Fredereic Lebel, is an useful application made to produce all kind of character based graphics, such as ASCII art, roguelike user interfaces, and generally anything you would otherwise do using a text editor, with the difference you can use back and fore color and pick your symbols easily. It is currently been worked on and evolving pretty well.

AsciiDraw is a console application meant to serve as a replacement for standard
text editors when prototyping a roguelike’s interface. It provides access to
all ascii characters and standard colors.

+ Use it to quickly test color schemes for dungeons and interfaces.
+ Try out room, corridor and outdoor designs without having to code them.

Releases Wire

The releases wire will keep you informed about all new versions of roguelikes you ought to know about.

SewerJacks 0.8.5

I have spent a few weeks updating sewerjacks to a point where it is fairly playable and enjoyable.

New features
– Select to play as any unlocked race and class
– Unlock more secret playable characters with unique skill sets.
– Powerups can now be picked up (inc. chainsaws )
– Added extra races
– Many more skills
– Beware experienced monsters can now blitz

Beggar 0.5.1

Beggar is a rogue-like game written in java with XML inputs for expandability. I do hope you enjoy the game as the community and hopefully the additions grow! I encourage you to post any comments or thoughts on the sourceforge forums. God willing, I hope to remain an active developer for a while to come and look forward to input from those that matter… the end-users.

First Age Angband 0.3.0

FAangband’s principal focus as a variant is to immerse the player in the world of Tolkien’s Silmarillion late in the First Age. While it is certainly not perfectly consistent (all the bad guys are still alive; all the good guys are dead, or at least have lost their best equipment), an attempt has been made to remove as many anachronisms as possible.

Saffron 0.6.0

Saffron is a stealth puzzle roguelike. It is in the early stages of development, so should not be considered complete, bug-free or stable yet.

The player is a thief, who is given tasks by the Blackrock Thieves Guild. Every task is dangerous, so the player must use stealth, skill and gadgets to complete the objective and escape undetected.

Unreal World 3.0.3

– fixed possibility to burn down caves
– random world options menu after map creation is now mouse sensitive
– swimming balanced a bit
– the fish stuck in a net will die if not picked up soon enough
– fixed missing ‘hideworker’ store symbol
– time required to find cover and hide decreased
– fixed occasional problems with ‘repeat previous combat option’
– lots of new truecolor and none 256-color images
– current map view enchanched
– savefile disk space comsumption reduced again just a little bit
– character profile menu is now mouse sensitive
– trading/chatting improved
– new setup option: RESIZE QUALITY
– the world is now culture sensitive!
– villages improved
– changes in zooming in nearby the shore

ChessRogue 0.3.0

Finishing level 1ChessRogue moves closer to the roguelike realm with this release. Really nifty things on it, including a graphics SDL frontend which looks sweet!

It includes several major changes, including a tiled graphical interface using the SDL library which you may prefer to the ASCII display, and a new optional mini-boss guarding a powerful artifact.

The full list of changes from version 0.2.2 is:
* Fix bug with Haste power and practice mode warnings
* Fix bug with mantrap (and other) powers and practice mode warnings
* Fix inconsistency in keymap handling
* SDL display mode for Windows and X
* First of the boss-levels implemented: the Archbishop’s temple
* First item implemented: the Archbishop’s sceptre

Get the new version via sourceforge at the official website

Nethack 3D for the MacOSX

NetHack 3D

This project is a fancy frontend for NetHack sporting a full modern interface, including a 3D view! (along with a classic tiled view and an ASCII mode).

Too bad it is Mac only, but so far it looks interesting… albeit not much info is available due to its japanese nature (the website claims the game supports english though)

NetHack3D is a port for MacOSX (Cocoa) of nethack which is an RPG of traditional Unix. As for full 3D by OpenGL, various expansion is made. I support English and Japanese.

Transliteration: NetHack 3D is a MacOSX (Cocoa) port of NetHack, which is a traditional Unix RPG. It offers a 3D powered by OpenGL as well as many other expansions. It supports Engrish and Japanese

Further info at the official website

NetHack 3D

Privateer ASCII Sector


Privateer: ASCII Sector is a cool space exploration game with roguelike elements, it features a pretty fun trading and mission based schema with space combat and ship upgrade elements. The game is still being development but it is fun to play already; it is full of small details such as federation ships inspecting you for contraband and space travel via warp zones.


Your starting ship is pretty weak and slow, so you will have to take a lot of care if engaged in combat, with time and some missions acomplished you will be able to buy faster, bigger ships. Space combat is simple yet you have a lot of options like handling your shield levels and selecting from your different weapons.

Exploring the space may get a bit tiring, although there exists an autopilot feature, but most of times you will be wandering around empty star clusters. Autopilot stops too far from navpoints so you still have to travel a bit of empty space.

The game doesn’t feature music or sound effects, which would add a lot to the space exploration phase. I end up playing some techno tracks in the background while playing this.

The game is real-time, and doesn’t feature dungeon crawling nor random space generation, which would have been great. It keeps its roguelike tag for being ascii and spatially consistent.

Browse the official website, including screenshots and a forum. The game already sports a nice degree of complexity, and I am sure the author would appreciate your comments!


ThorThis is a cool website about ASCII games, which of course include roguelikes :)

Welcome to ASCII-World. This website is completely dedicated to the anything and everything related to Text and ASCII. We strongly believe that ASCII is far from dead. It has a very faithfull user base that just can’t seem to get tired of that good old text screen.

Lots of nostalgia here; you will not only find roguelikes but also all sorts of cool, oldscool, text-based games. Take a look!

Computer role-playing games for GNU/Linux

An article about roguelike games has been published on the Free Software Online magazine. A nice introduction to the roguelike genre.

By far the most popular CRPGs for GNU/Linux are “roguelikes”. Put quite simply, a “roguelike” is one of the many games that follow in the footsteps of a very popular UNIX classic called Rogue, which was itself based on older and lesser-known CRPGs for mainframes and the PLATO learning system. There are a few things you should know about Rogue. For one thing, it doesn’t have the kind of graphics you see in most videogames. Instead, it uses Ken Arnold’s “curses” library to make a sort of graphical interface using a terminal’s character set (i.e., the different symbols you can make with your keyboard or with special codes).

Read it here