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Assorted News

Cracks and Crevices 0.4

OK, I’ve sat on the release long enough. I’m sure some basic bug will pop up but what the hey.

GearHead2 v0.501

A new version of GearHead2, the robot-pimping giant-monster-fighting post-apocalyptic pop-singing roguelike, has just been uploaded to SourceForge.

Legerdemain 0.9.5

Legerdemain: the epic roguelike/IF/RPG hybrid that a couple of people are talking about!

Now with only half the crashes!

German NetHack-De 3.4.2-20080309a

NetHack-de is an attempt at a German translation of NetHack.

Sewerjacks 0.8.6d

You can finally unlock all races by defeating the races boss. Defeating the game will give you more classes for the race you were playing.

Angband 3.0.9b

Angband 3.0.9b is a bugfix version of 3.0.9.

Mines of Elderlore 1.0 beta 4 is released

I have continued developing it after the initial 7DRL release, adding graphics, balancing gameplay, and now release 1.0 beta 4 is there.

Unangband 0.6.2 Beta Release 2

This probably the last release with so big changes before 0.6.2 gold. Among other things, options’ names are changed, so some of your old pref files may not work as expected (old option names are ignored).

DoomRL Windows Installer

– confirm overwrite of .bat and .ini files during update
– enable or disable deletion of doom.prc, player.dat and score.dat during update
– configuration section in the Windows start menu for game settings, music and sound
– detection if the game is running
– Vista SP1 ready

Incursion 0.6.5B

There are new Win32 and Linux versions of Incursion up on the website. The bug list, down for several days, is now fixed. I’m going to be refactoring the Encounter Gen code next, so no updates (other than hopefully a Mac port of 0.6.5B) for a little while.

2008 7DRL results are in

Ok, this year we had 23 challengers, 9 winners, 6 failures and 8 runaways. Congratulations to all the winners and better luck next year for the rest!

Next week will be the official 7DRL Playing week, as was the last year… just to play and review these 7DRLs!

Without further ado, here you have the list of official winners!

chrysalis by sinoth – Completed:

The goal is to destroy the 10 bases scattered all over the world. You do so by killing the base power core ‘B’ that is somewhere inside each base. You can press ‘r’ to turn on base radar that points you to where the remaining bases are.

Father HoodCountryside Zomband by zooptek – Completed:

Player enters suburbs when they escape the city. Suburbs have a different random map generation.

Fatherhood by Jeff Lait – Completed:

As the name suggests, in Fatherhood you play the role of a father who has an important task to perform. That task is the stopping of the flood waters (or on some maps, the fires) that threaten to wash away his homeland. The tension is that you have another implicity task: to be a good father. Your three children are also in the world, running about, either helping or hindering as is their whim.

TrapRogue by Nate – Completed:

Your goal is to find the Axe of Verwiz deep in the dungeon and evade traps.

MegamanRL by Slash – Completed:

Use z to jump, x to fire, s to setup


Dungeon Climb by Heck Ruler – Completed:

You have been cast down into a chasm and left for dead. Climb out before you starve to death. Features: An opening movie, 3D map, line of sight, climbing, jumping, falling, falling damage, hunger, food. It’s almost fun!

NumbarsNumbers by Robson – Completed:

Numbers is an educational roguelike, created in seven days. It is designed to test and improve your basic maths skills.

Tribe by Kadwell – Completed:

Deadline in ten minutes, so I’ll be brief. I have completed my 7DRL project about leading a tribe of goblins in defending against an entirely unprovoked attack by a seemingly endless series of so-called “heroes”. It has a strong emphasis on using NPCs to your advantage.

TimeRogue by GreyKnight – Completed:

Rogue with time-travel, basically

Congratulations again!

More roguelikes for the 7DRL Challenge

6 more brave roguedevs have accepted the 7DRL challenge!

Space Marine type RL by Corremn

You are a mercenary marine that recruits other mercs and take on bad stuff and shit.

“thats a zergling, Leister, smaller type of Zerg…, they wouldn’t be out this far, unless … aww shit!’

A Knight in the Dungeon by Gerry Quinn

The main character operates like a chess piece of sorts – he probably has several lives and normally moves like a king in chess, killing pieces he moves onto. Items or skills may award him special moves or attacks.

ArabiaRL by Andy Pymont

You will play Aladdin, aiming to escape the depths of the cave after being left there by the vizier who has just run off with your lamp, your genie and your girl.

Countryside Zomband by zooptek

The goal is not to update or fix the existing Zomband, but to make a whole new expansion for it. In original Zomband, the goal was to escape the city. My work for the 7DRL challenge will be what happens after your character escapes the city. Although both are in the same executable, the new region your character enters after escaping the city will have all new level generation, tiles, items, monsters, and player abilities.

1DRL by Zaratustra

Started development.

Gang City Brawler by Timothy R. Dean et all

The inspiration comes mostly from 80’s arcade brawler games and to a lesser extent the movies about the punk kids of that time. The overall objective of the game is to eradicate all the gangs in the city by taking out the gang leaders using bare fists, street weapons and even the environment itself as a weapon.

The 7DRL Challenge 2008 has started!

Following the 7DRL phenomenon pre 7DRL challenge (6 projects), 11 developers (for now) have decided to jump into the challenge! this, is their history.

RogueTCG (or possibly RoguEMon!) by Lochok

My goal is to write the RogueTCG (Trading card game) – in which the goal will be to use your RoguEMon cards (your RoguEMen as it were) to battle your way through the foyer, sales and administration to confront the CEO to have your custom card produced.

Simple Flash Rogue by failRate

I intend to make a super-simple Rogue-like in Flash that will save game state both locallly and on a remote server, so I can play at home or away. The latest version will always be found at

Return to Sorsaria by Krice

This game is set in alternative reality where The Avatar died, sadly. The player jumps into Sosaria through moon gate and finds a world full of hostile creatures.

TrapRogue by Nate

You’ll have to get an artifact from the dungeon and evade lots of traps. I’ll let you be surprised about the rest :)

Rogue Batallion by Ed Kolis

My concept is “Rogue Battalion” – it’s a roguelike in a modern warfare setting, where “Captain @” is the commander of an army battalion. The main unique feature is that of Vehicles

Faterhood by Jeff Lait

The name of the game is “Fatherhood”

SomethingWithZombies by Mr. Red Sunshine

Don’t yet know the goal or the proper Theme. Something with Zombies, biological weapons, a mysterious corporation and an accident. Zombies don’t require much ai ;-)

chrysalis by sinoth

The general game concept is that you start as a weak insect-like creature (I invision it as a zergling (COPYRIGHT BLIZZARD)) and you must destroy the military bases of humans that have invaded your planet.
Gameplay will revolve around destroying fortified bases randomly scattered on a generated world. There will be no dungeon levels up and down, but instead one large map that you can traverse seamlessly.

Unnamed by chukGren

Basically, it will be a forced fight to the death between some number of combatants in a play area that gets smaller as time elapses. The catch is that the combatants all knew each other beforehand so some of them are reluctant to attack others… and they will only start doing so past some psychological tipping point (time, people attacking them, damage, etc).

Undisclosed by Slash

I have started coding my roguelike.
Actually, I havent… but the time is running already, isnt it? :)

Unnamed by Nick Beam

I started a couple hours ago. It’s loosely based in the Magi-Nation universe, a trading card game and game boy game from ~2001. I’m using my Tarn ( engine to build it. I’m still not sure about the exact story or point of the game, but I’m sure it’ll come to me by the time I finish the subsystems. :<

Dwarf Fortress Development interview over Gamasutra

DF PhysicsJhon Harris, from Gamasutra, has interviewed Tarn Adams, developer of Dwarf Fortress. The interview covers details about the history of the game, and goes as far as discussing some features of its inspiring random world generator and simulated fluid physics. Check the interview

The first overall goal of the world generator is to create enough information to produce a basic biome display. A lot of initial attempts at a world generator will start with things like “I need to lay down some forests, and some mountains, and some rivers, and some deserts…” and then when you end up with a jungle next to a desert, or a desert next to a swamp in an unlikely way, it’s difficult to fix.

Yep, I know what you mean Mr. Adams; also, would be interesting to compare JADE and DF world generators :)

Jhon Harris: Right. Permadeath is generally a roguelike concept, of course.

Tarn Adams: Yeah, I’ve seen some of those 7DRL contests. It’s too bad it takes so much time to undertake a large project. Time is really the only barrier for a lot of people.

It is! We are one week away from the challenge… are we ready yet?