2008 7DRL results are in

Ok, this year we had 23 challengers, 9 winners, 6 failures and 8 runaways. Congratulations to all the winners and better luck next year for the rest!

Next week will be the official 7DRL Playing week, as was the last year… just to play and review these 7DRLs!

Without further ado, here you have the list of official winners!

chrysalis by sinoth – Completed: http://sinoth.net/chrysalis.zip

The goal is to destroy the 10 bases scattered all over the world. You do so by killing the base power core ‘B’ that is somewhere inside each base. You can press ‘r’ to turn on base radar that points you to where the remaining bases are.

Father HoodCountryside Zomband by zooptek – Completed: http://www.zooptek.net/drupal/?q=node/8

Player enters suburbs when they escape the city. Suburbs have a different random map generation.

Fatherhood by Jeff Lait – Completed: http://www.zincland.com/7drl/fatherhood

As the name suggests, in Fatherhood you play the role of a father who has an important task to perform. That task is the stopping of the flood waters (or on some maps, the fires) that threaten to wash away his homeland. The tension is that you have another implicity task: to be a good father. Your three children are also in the world, running about, either helping or hindering as is their whim.

TrapRogue by Nate – Completed: http://test.clockwatch.info/nate879/TrapRogue.zip

Your goal is to find the Axe of Verwiz deep in the dungeon and evade traps.

MegamanRL by Slash – Completed: http://slashie.net/megamanRL

Use z to jump, x to fire, s to setup


Dungeon Climb by Heck Ruler – Completed: http://sourceforge.net/projects/dungeonclimb/

You have been cast down into a chasm and left for dead. Climb out before you starve to death. Features: An opening movie, 3D map, line of sight, climbing, jumping, falling, falling damage, hunger, food. It’s almost fun!

NumbarsNumbers by Robson – Completed: http://iceyboard.no-ip.org/projects/numbers/

Numbers is an educational roguelike, created in seven days. It is designed to test and improve your basic maths skills.

Tribe by Kadwell – Completed: http://irrasjonal.net:8080/7drl/tribe/

Deadline in ten minutes, so I’ll be brief. I have completed my 7DRL project about leading a tribe of goblins in defending against an entirely unprovoked attack by a seemingly endless series of so-called “heroes”. It has a strong emphasis on using NPCs to your advantage.

TimeRogue by GreyKnight – Completed: http://greyfire.org/?p=timerogue

Rogue with time-travel, basically

Congratulations again!

10 thoughts on “2008 7DRL results are in

  1. Ido Yehieli

    That’s about 15 completed games, including the ones directly preceding the official 7drl week!
    A new record?

  2. GreyKnight

    Technically I didn’t “complete” timerogue’s 7DRL yet, although I did manage to get the “3DRL demo” done that Slash suggested. Hopefully we will find out on the 20th that it was successful anyway, though. :-)

  3. failrate

    This was a really fun contest. Even though I didn’t finish my project, I was able to get quite far in 7 days. I’m thinking one week is probably the sweet spot between the 48 hour contests and the month-long contests.

  4. faba

    Great games!, but what about Incursion? it’s got a new release and it wasn’t posted on the site!

  5. Corremn

    I think slash was quite busy the last 7 days, for some reason, so the incursion announcement will have to wait :)

    Count me in for a 7drl finisher, I started on the 11th and finished on the 18th.

    Well done everone.

  6. Lavastine

    The numbers roguelike is very good, does the developer plan on making more additions and more advanced math for it?

  7. Trinquier

    Too bad Zomband requires the installation of a launcher. Even if you trust that there´s no malware or adware on it, it´ll still clutter your registry and task bar. No thanks.

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