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LambdaRogue development goes strong!

Slash, the badass soldierMr. Mario Donick, whom recently got back to roguelike development mode after a somewhat long hiatus, has released version after version of LambdaRogue, his main roguelike project.

Since yesterday’s release of version of LambdaRogue, the game itself could be considered as nearly finished. All necessary quests are implemented, all textual content (except one textfile) is written and the game is winnable (technical and balancing-wise). So besides optimizing the existing content, fixing possible bugs and delivering the missing textfile, I could stop the whole thing and call it 1.0.

In gameAs you can see on by his own words, the game is finished. If you are a roguelike developer, you know how hard it is to call your game finished, specially if your scope is not 7DRL limited, or a proof of concept. If you are a roguelike player, there you have it, a complex, easy to play, indeep new roguelike, yours for the taking!

So, I recommend you to take a look at his game, it is interesting, important and not obsolete. Go forth, and look for the book of stars!

A couple of simple applet roguelikes

Ants and DogsMr. Will Thimbleby has released two interestingly simple applet roguelikes at his weblog, the first, dubbed Ants and Dogs, is a basic roguelike which you can probably use for showing off the genre to newcomers, as it contains all a basic roguelike must contain.

Ants and Dogs 2: The revengeThe second one, Directional Ants and Dogs on the other hand, shows off interesting features such as directional FOV for both players and monsters, as well as hearing and running.

He has also released the source code for both of them as public domain, they are nicely structured and easy to read!

Releases Wire

GearHead2 0.502

GearHead2 version 0.502 has just been released. In case you don’tknow, GearHead is a Sunrise-inspired scifi roguelike CRPG featuring giant robots.


My time in Japan prevented me from making a release (I had turned off two of the machines I need to build on), but it didn’t prevent me from working on POWDER. There are lots of various changes including new items and skills. There is also a new 32×32 tileset that you can find in the artpack thanks to Ibson the Grey.

Privateer 0.3.2.

The most important change in this release is the character combat system. You can now attack characters on bases, and you have an inventory and health.

Incursion 0.6.9a

Just wanted to let people know that there’s been a new release of Incursion


Finally it’s done, the next milestone in LambdaRogue development has been released.

Thanks to everybody for hints, wishes, criticism, nitpicking.

CryptRover 1.0

Released about 3 months after the 7drl version, it contains a couple of new features and mainly bug fixes and balance tweaks. However, the game remains simple, and that is by design.

ToME 2.3.5.


Unexpected it was, but it did happen, so behold the new T.o.M.E. 2.3.5!

Escape from Fobbahland 0.1

got the first 0.1 beta up here, i think its reasonably challenging so far, obviously lacking a lot of polish though, any crits are welcome.

Three new roguelike devlogs

Krice’s Kaduria Devlog discusses the development of the game as well as the rants from one of the controversial posters at r.g.r.d (here you go, a bit of attention for you :) )

Perdurabo’s Kharne Devlog sports interesting articles about random dungeon generation and several interesting roguelike development topics

Mr. Donick’s LambdaRogue Devlog shows off his advancements toward a finished version, including screenshot and articles

Releases Wire XII

Unangband 0.6.2

This release is a development check point which allows you to play a “relatively” bug free version of Unangband, while we significantly hack on the source to add extra features that may potentially destabilize further releases.

Please save often.

Legerdemain 0.9.6

You may find Phenomedom has changed in subtle ways since the previous version. New dialogue has been added along with some new items. Certain regions have been reshaped and/or had their populations adjusted, particularly for the case of early areas that you revisit once your fame has grown.

LambdaRogue 0.2.7

I just released the 7th beta of LambdaRogue and the first version of this game since spring 2007.


It is this time of the year again, folks. I thought the next release would be 0.9.9, but there were too many things to do, so I decided to create a version.

Elona 1.04

A new version of Elona has been released. I’ve fixed some bugs and translated some more messages. Also, thanks to f1r3fly, in-game help is being translated. Although it’s not finished yet, I’ve also included the help in this version.

InDev: Kharne!

The new KharneKharne is the name of a Delphi roguelike which was being developed a very long time ago. I stumbled uppon it in my so called ‘roguelike collector age’, which was like 5 years ago.

That was the past, I am relieved and excited to see its developer, known as the Crowley’s Cat, has decided to give the game a second shot (after a LONG time), and is working on a much evolved and mature version of his game! he has also set up an interesting blog in which its features are being discussed!

While the newest version is being developed, you cant still check out the latest version of Old Kharne, downloadable from his blogsite!

Further info at

Old Kharne

InDev: Umbrarum Regnum


shotwilderness-full.jpgI keep contact from time to time with european roguelike developer Mingos, whom has just recently launched a googlepage about his project: Umbrarum Regnum; while the project is still under development, it is shaping along nicely!

UR is powered by the evergrowing in popularity Jice’s libtcod library and its main influence seems to be ADoM; the project is ambitious but is on the right path to the release.

More info at