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GearHead2 0.502

GearHead2 version 0.502 has just been released. In case you don’tknow, GearHead is a Sunrise-inspired scifi roguelike CRPG featuring giant robots.


My time in Japan prevented me from making a release (I had turned off two of the machines I need to build on), but it didn’t prevent me from working on POWDER. There are lots of various changes including new items and skills. There is also a new 32×32 tileset that you can find in the artpack thanks to Ibson the Grey.

Privateer 0.3.2.

The most important change in this release is the character combat system. You can now attack characters on bases, and you have an inventory and health.

Incursion 0.6.9a

Just wanted to let people know that there’s been a new release of Incursion


Finally it’s done, the next milestone in LambdaRogue development has been released.

Thanks to everybody for hints, wishes, criticism, nitpicking.

CryptRover 1.0

Released about 3 months after the 7drl version, it contains a couple of new features and mainly bug fixes and balance tweaks. However, the game remains simple, and that is by design.

ToME 2.3.5.


Unexpected it was, but it did happen, so behold the new T.o.M.E. 2.3.5!

Escape from Fobbahland 0.1

got the first 0.1 beta up here, i think its reasonably challenging so far, obviously lacking a lot of polish though, any crits are welcome.

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  1. Ido

    Every time you post something about cryptrover I get a spike in traffic :)

    I guess that’s the infamous roguetemple effect!

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