Interview with Thomas Biskup, creator of Adom, part the one

Drakalorian People

Mr. Thomas Biskup, founder of Quinscape and outstanding developer from the middle ages of roguelike development (the nineties), the creator of ADoM and the dreamer behind JADE, is a tough one to catch… Santiago Zapata, for Temple of The Roguelike.

Read the first part of the interview here


9 thoughts on “Interview with Thomas Biskup, creator of Adom, part the one

  1. getter77

    Very interesting interview. Definitely curious what this fellow gets up to in the months and years to come.

  2. Mario

    I think it would be great if Thomas could join the IRDC in Geneva in November. We could make a PhD celebration for him as well :-) And he could give a sneek peek of JADE :-) I’m sure that would bring even more people to come to IRDC :-)

  3. Stu

    Thanks Ido, I debated posting it on /r/rgrd but it gets no traffic compared to /r/gaming, I wanted more people to see it :)

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