ARRP 2010: Toby the Trapper

Toby the Trapper is a roguelike about someone without direct means of hurting someone. All Toby can is lay traps for unwary enemies. Before he finds his first gem he is unable to kill enemies! He can dig so remember that if you are caught in a dead end.

Your main enemies are Ogres, stupid slow smelly creatures. They are not much threat unless you allow one to walk close to you. The brute will then do something very unpleasant to you and then devour the remains. Ogres are not all alike and are described by adjectives like bug-eyed, sweaty, dumb, swollen, etc. When your trap takes out a bunch of them at once you can actually tell exactly which ones got blown up. Another breed of common enemies are vampire bats. They fly over your traps but you should soon find a way to dispatch them.

Each cave level will either contain a gem to be found or a boss to be defeated. Gems give powers in succession. This means you can skip a gem but this will not cause you to skip a trap type. Bosses are unique enemies each with its own strengths. Defeating them may take more clever tactics. Every few floors color theme changes to influence playing mood but this has no effects on actual mechanics.

Finally Toby defeats Wuggy the Warlock gaining himself fame and glory! Or is it? Your action in caves below Turgylton determine what future you get after completing the game. For those who want more thrills hardcore mode awaits with higher mortality rate.

Interesting fact to note is Toby the Trapper can be played exclusively with the number keyboard. There are few commands besides walking. One thing to desire is morgue files. The game does not even dump death screen. There is not much else to complain about.

Toby the Trapper
Toby the Trapper
Toby the Trapper
Toby the Trapper

6 thoughts on “ARRP 2010: Toby the Trapper

  1. darrengrey

    Thanks for reviewing Trapper! If I ever learn how to do high score type things and death files I’ll be sure to implement that :/

    I’m amazed you got so far I must say – I don’t think anyone else has gotten to the Jester’s level.

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  4. Michał Bieliński Post author

    Ah, really sorry about that. I forgot again. Reviews not meant for ARRP 2010 contain short table with author, version, platform and link to official website. Perhaps they should.

    Jester died really stupid death. I placed traps for several ogres and he happened to walk onto one only to jump onto another. Saw him only for single turn. Unfortunately on cave level 11 I was sucked dry by a vampire bat. Five of them encircled me and there were no ogres to trigger boomer traps. Curse you RNG …

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