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The 2011 7DRL Challenge is over!

And so it was that 99 brave challengers entered the 2011 seven day roguelike challenge!

Of those, 46 returned alive, claiming to have a finished and playable game… Now it is your turn to judge!

The Newcomers (First 7DRL Challenge)

Experienced (2 7DRL Challenges)

Gentlemen (3-4 Challenges)

Singing, happy drunks (5+ Challenges)

Ongoing 7DRL Challenge

The challenge has started! Many entrants declared start date and game title. Announcement thread is over seventy posts by now but there is still time to proclaim participation until end of March 6th. A success thread for victorious challengers is already created.

Visit weblog to read how development struggle goes or to learn that other authors are also desperately tracking down a bad pointer reference on the 167th hour.

The 2011 7DRL Challenge is Coming!

The 2011 7DRL Challenge, March 5 to 13

The 2011 7DRL Challenge Logo, by Nik Coughlin
Logo by Nik Coughlin

The time has almost come! Gather all your strengths and build a roguelike, be it your first one or your next one.

A good roguelike is an expression of pure gameplay: as a developer you can turn your ideas into games for the people to enjoy, without the constraints of 3d modeling or expensive graphics creation.

Developing a roguelike also allows you to portrait a theme within the limitations of abstract or simple gfx output, but having imagination as a tool to recreate infinite environments and stories

Summon your indie gamedev friends, be they roguedevs or not for this, the annual roguelike development party!

Links of interest:

The 2010 7DRL Challenge Medal has been issued!

The 2010 7DRL Challenge Medal was designed by Oryx, great roguelike artist, Congratulations to all!

The Newcomers (First 7DRL Challenge) [34]

  • Aave
  • Andy
  • Andy M
  • Austin Wilburn
  • Barry
  • Darren Grey
  • Derrick Creamer
  • Dto1138
  • Flyingofx
  • Fobbah
  • Geoffrey White
  • Heroic Fisticuffs
  • Hmp
  • Increpare
  • Isnok
  • James Pendergrast
  • Jo
  • Kkarios
  • Magellan
  • Michael Curran
  • Millkka Kilkkila
  • Mo Collector
  • Nathaniel Inman
  • Oohara Yuuma
  • Pammpi
  • Pol
  • Purplearcanist
  • Qwertyuiopas
  • Sock Puppet
  • Steev
  • Timothy S. Murphy
  • Tipa
  • Trystan.s
  • Win

Experienced (2 Challenges) [10]

  • Bryan Strait
  • Deej
  • Ekolis
  • Flend
  • Ido
  • Kaw
  • Konstantin Stupnik
  • Legend of Angband
  • Sir Lewk
  • Vlad Dumitru

Gentleman (3-4 Challenges) [5]

  • Corremn
  • Timofei Shatrov
  • Buub0nik
  • Numeron
  • Sinoth

Singing, happy drunks (5+ Challenges)

  • Jeff Lait
  • Slash

The 2010 7DRL Challenge Evaluation Results

With fifty completed 7DRLs this year, some people wonder how they will have time to play them all! Fortunately, that is simple…

Just play one a week for the next year.

For those less dedicated, a team of evaluators was assembled to give all the roguelikes a once-over. We graded the roguelikes under six categories using a simple three point scale. We ensured every roguelike was graded by at least two reviewers, and aimed for most to have three reviewers.

After a long week of playing, we present our results!

Check them out here, at Roguetemple’s 7DRL Shrine!

The Honorable Members of the Committee

  • @ Darren Grey
  • @ Ido Yehieli
  • @ Jeff Lait
  • @ Jice
  • @ Joseph Larson
  • @ Kaw
  • @ Michael Curran
  • @ Slash

This list is not meant to be an authoritative ranking of the games. If you dive in, you will see different reviewers often disagreed on the rankings.

Instead, it is a way for you to help select which 7DRLs are likely to have things of interest to you.

Specific comments were also written by reviewers. Note that these are criticism for the developer to better improve the game – please do not be unduly offended if they are nitpicky or consist of “I got killed by a ferret on the first screen”.

The categories are, with description of what a 3 means:

  • Completeness: Bug free, polished game with no features that feel like they are missing.
  • Aesthetics: Good looking, excellent controls and UI.
  • Fun: If you try any 7DRLs, try this one.
  • Innovation: Brings something fundamentally new to roguelikes.
  • Scope: Beyond what you think could have been done in seven days.
  • Roguelike: 3 means Roguelike, 2 means Roguelike-like, 1 means Not Roguelike. Each reviewer used their own personal definition here.

Thanks to all the members of the committee for their great efforts, we hope you enjoy it!

77 entries for the 7th 7DRL Challenge!

The challenge is on with an outstanding number of 77 7DRL Challengers!

You can still announce yours!

Roguetemple presents you all of them, for your viewing pleasure! (All times are GMT-5)

Welcome to Martin’s Infinite Dungeon!

Author Martin Read
Language C
Platform Linux, Windows (source available)
Version 1.7

Enlarge…Notably MPRDB bears quite a lot similarites to Rogue. Dungeon is discovered in exactly same fashion. One square of visibility in corridors while whole rooms are revealed upon entering. Dungeoneering hero is described by only two main attributes: body and agility.

Read the full review.