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Roguelike Development Conference in London

IRDC 2012 logoThe time is drawing near for IRDC 2012 – the International Roguelike Development Conference, being held this year in London on the 2nd and 3rd of June. IRDC has historically been a unique opportunity for developers and roguelikes fans to meet up, make presentations, and discuss relevant topics. This year’s event follows up on previous successful conferences in Berlin, Geneva and Visby. The London gathering promises talks from roguelike legends such as Jeff Lait (POWDER) and DarkGod (ToME4), and a live recording of the Roguelike Radio podcast.

Those interested in attending should sign up now, and look into travel and accommodation soon (London prices aren’t always cheap). Any questions should be put up on the wiki, or directed to Darren Grey.

25 people have signed up so far. Presentations promised include:
– “The Roguelike Rennaissance” by Darren Grey
– “The Single Hit Point Model” by Darren Grey
– “Why Darren is Wrong About Single Hit Points” by Ido Yehieli
– “Developing for Mobile Devices” by Bjorn Ritzl
– “Porting POWDER: A Brief History” by Jeff Lait
– “Stonesoup Survey Presentation” by Johanna Ploog
– “Roguelikes as contrasted to the Commercial Games Industry” by Connagh Muldoon

You can also sign up on Facebook.

Some news!

  • The 2011 Annual Roguelike Release Party was a great feast of bytes and randomness! 27 games were updated, for further info check the list compiled by Björn Ritzl, of Dweller fame.
  • The roguelike radio podcast goes on, they have just put Episode 4 online, covering an all-time favorite, DoomRL!
  • Thomas Biskup contines working on JADE after recovering his website.

Got any news? feel free to post at our forums! also, be sure to follow us on twitter! @roguetemple

Roguelike Radio – A new podcast

A new podcast has been started, initially starring Andrew Doull, Darren Grey and Scott Edgar. The first episode can be found here:

The podcast is dedicated to weekly reviews of recent roguelike games and general discussion about the genre. This week it covers Ido Yehieli’s Cardinal Quest, with some talk on how a good UI can improve a roguelike game. Next week’s episode shall be focussed on Desktop Dungeons.

ARRP 2010: Umbra

Mingos: On September the 19th, the first ever Annual Roguelike Release Party took place. Its result: over a dozen interesting releases, including new games and updates to existing ones. A rather exotic ARRP release was Umbra, a C++ framework written by me and Jice. We’re here to have a small chat about Umbra and its connection to the roguelike world. Continue reading

An “Annual Roguelike Release Party” draws near

The first “Annual Roguelike Release Party” draws near! from roguebasin:

Too many roguelikes can languish with half-fixed features. If we can, once a year, ensure our roguelikes are polished and updated, we can avoid this trap.

All active roguelike developers are encouraged to release an update to their roguelikes on the appropriate date in September.

A simultaneous release will:

  • provide moral support as we struggle with resurrecting code we left in an untenable state three months earlier
  • encourage developers to release at least yearly through the wonders of deadlines
  • celebrate the size and vibrancy of our community

This years’ ARRP will take place on September 19th, announce your participation on the roguebasin article! (or not :D).


Releases wire XXX!

One month and a half since the last release wire, this XXX post is hot with lots of newcomers!


Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup 0.5.1

Stone Soup 0.5.1 has been released, fixing an abundance of bugs.


GearHead2 0.610

Since the start of development, GH2 has used mostly the same game system as GH1, but that changed in v0.600. The character rules have been streamlined. The number of skills has been chopped from 43 to 25. Conversation is no longer a mandatory skill, and the rumor system has been reworked. It should be easier to create distinct characters with a strong concept, rather than having every character end up the same.

Privateer: ASCII Sector

Privateer: Ascii Sector game trailer from Christian Knudsen on Vimeo.

Kamyran’s Eye 2 1.2

With our publisher Manifesto Games going down, we are making Kamyran’s Eye 2 freeware.

It features a dynamic world that is never quite the same, armies that fight each other and burn down cities in a branching storyline with multiple endings.

EgoBoo 2.7.4

We’re pretty proud of how the game has been shaping up lately, so we’d like to get the word out as much as we can! If you write for a blog or news site, it would be great of you to mention us

Triangle Wizard R6.04

Another addition is that you can now let your summons and allies handleyour spare weapons and items allowing for many new strategies and a relative harmless way of testing if an unidentified item is hazardous.

LambdaRogue 1.5

It is done, I have finally released the next update of LambdaRogue, we are now at 1.5.

First Age Angband 1.0

Anything from later than the First Age has been removed.  No more Rings of Power, Grishnakh, Anduril, Saruman, Witch-King, etc.  There are some new uniques, artifacts and ego-items (and some just renamed).  There are also new item sets, and some reworked artifacts.

Prospector 0.1.7a

# 5 new unique planets (actually 10, but 5 are pretty similiar to each other)
# “Water” in planet display now counts all liquids &frozen water (And i was wondering why it wasnt snowing ever…)

Kharne 0.03c

Goodbye Rusted Silk Pantaloons


G.O.R.E. 0.1.0

GORE is GNU Online Roguelike Environment (or “Gore’s not Only Rogue-like Entertainment”). It is written on Vala programming language.

3069 v2.8.2

The year is 3069. Earth has since been destroyed by a catastrophic geothermal experiment. Fortunately, you and many others were safely relocated onto planet Esperanza before the blast.

Plague 3.38

There is a desperate need for some better artwork for the Rocket Launcher (RT) and Flame Thrower (FT), both images and sounds.

The Dawn of The Dead The Roguelike

Dada su condición de Roguelike, cada partida que juguéis se generara aleatoriamente, por lo que es prácticamente imposible que una partida sea igual que otra.

Dungeon Adventure – the 133rd K.R.A.G. R4

The basic premise of the scenario is the story of a lowly Khazad guard, who fails catastrophicly in his duties. Instead of being exiled from the Clan, however, Lord Kandros Fir gives him a chance to redeem himself by drafting him into the service of the 133rd K.R.A.G. (Khazad Resource Acquisition Group).

The story takes place in the early days of the Khazad exodus (exile?) to the the Surface. At this time, the Khazad still have some holdings in the Underhome, and just starting to explore and colonize the Surface World.

Rogue Planets 1.2

A friend of me who loves roguelikes said it’s addicting and I got quite a bit addicted to it as well. Wish I could fight with someone over the best high score.


Non-linear main plot is not based on the ancient evil wake or main hero’s amnesia.


Enjoy the game.

DarkHall b04

3D RPG DarkHall

Sane Roguelike V2

Index of /

UR Rougelike

Dialog engine – Fallout style dialogs that may affect the game


Neon 0.2.5

The editor now supports map viewing. Several additions were made to the engine: a console, support for more than 1 data file, item status is recorded in savegames, new items