It’s Extremely Dark

SourceIt’s Extremely Dark
Author: Deveah
Location: Usenet Post, Pastie Snippet
Language: Freebasic

It’s extremely dark, you can’t even see yourself.

With each step you take, you are likely to be eaten by a grue, or may be eat a grue.

You stumble around the dungeon aimlessly, bumping into walls and blindly hacking through angry mobs, trying to find the stairs, right?

so dark...

… or may be this is just an illusion, and this entry is just not what you expected, eh? :D

A joke or not, Deveah’s entry makes us wonder what a roguelike really is… do you wander around looking for enemies, artifacts and highscore or do you just advance through, hoping for a sane victory? your rush for blood and gold diminishes your odds of surviving; this is what this game is about, this is what roguelikes are mostly about.


(If you are lost, just read the scroll in the darkness)

Gameplay: Just play with the odds like you are used to
Technical Highlights: Nice play!

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