10 thoughts on “2010 7DRL Challenge is over, results!

  1. george

    once the dust settles, is anyone planning to put together a torrent of everything? Or is there something already?

  2. Nathaniel

    That’s a great idea. Because the servers and hosts go up and down so quickly, torrenting would ensure a longer life cycle. No more dead links when trying to get ahold of that one RL you loved back in the day. If nobody else steps up, I wouldn’t mind doing it when I get off work =)

  3. Jotaf

    I think that a runaway submission is when the developer hasn’t said anything else about the 7DRL since he started developing. Presumably he’s in DLL Hell or some other sort of arcane programming limbo :)

    A torrent seems nice, but I’d also like an old-fashioned download if possible…

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