The 2011 7DRL Challenge is over!

And so it was that 99 brave challengers entered the 2011 seven day roguelike challenge!

Of those, 46 returned alive, claiming to have a finished and playable game… Now it is your turn to judge!

The Newcomers (First 7DRL Challenge)

Experienced (2 7DRL Challenges)

Gentlemen (3-4 Challenges)

Singing, happy drunks (5+ Challenges)

20 thoughts on “The 2011 7DRL Challenge is over!

  1. Kronusdark

    the benhem 3d roguelike was very interesting. im a bit biased because i like ssh playable roguelikes.

  2. corremn

    You might want to rename the title of this post – 2010 comp is long finished :)
    Yay I was definitely singing and happy after i finished.

  3. Konstantin Stupnik

    Once again – this is my 3rd 7drl challenge. And 3rd success btw :)
    My 1st entry was under nick name ‘Xecutor’.

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  5. Michał Bieliński Post author

    Changes: post title (:P), Konstantin moved to Gentlemen, Ido’s entry is taken off. I was told 7DRL is 7DRL so … eh.

  6. Seth

    this would get way more attention if it had it’s own site or if you at least posted a screenshot for each on in one post

    right now 46 RLs in a list is pretty overwhelming

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  8. Nathaniel Inman

    Some great work putting it together Michał. Looking forward to seeing some reviews. I’ve already been having fun playing plenty of new RL’s, there are some pretty good ones this year.

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  10. Michał Bieliński Post author

    Post updated and underlying Pitman Krumb link leads now to version 1.1.

  11. Michał Bieliński Post author

    Bug fixes are not against the rules. Here, this section:

    I think it is better to lead readers to fixed version than to give them unstable game just to be strict with terms. You are only required to have 7DRL version also available for play/download so that people can judge whether modifications do not exceed bug fixes and minor corrections. But! I shall revert the link to its previous location if you insist.

  12. ratking

    V1.1 isn’t bugfixes only, it also has some new features, with “progress saving” being the biggest.
    I don’t insist that much … I just thought it would be unfair towards others if I didn’t mention it.

  13. Darren Grey

    Other games are the same, linking to bugfix or tweak versions instead. It’s nothing to do with fairness – to be honest it’s unfair of others to leave bug-ridden code out there!

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