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Current version: 7.6 (March 6, 2014) - download NotEye+Hydra Slayer (Windows+source)

Necklace of the Eye (NotEye in short) is an frontend to modify the output of console and libtcod roguelikes. (That is, roguelikes which use one of two most popular methods to draw the stuff: system console (aka terminal or curses) or libtcod. Does not work with those which create their own ASCII displays.) It currently has, among others, the following features:

Compatibility, Screenshots, and Videos

The version numbers provided tell which versions have been tested. NotEye might work with other versions or not.

Hydra Slayer 15.5 (integrated)

Hydra Slayer FPP
Hydra Slayer hex tiles
Hydra Slayer tiles
Hydra with hi-res font
Hydra isometric
Hydra isometric hex
Hydra Slayer in ASCII
Hydra mini-tiles
Hydra FPP hex
Hydra TPP

  • See also the animated hydras GIF (version 13.6).
  • You can also watch a Hydra Slayer video (note: the graphics are outdated).

  • Hydra Slayer is integrated to show the capabilities of NotEye (there is a complete tileset, you can see the game using square or hex tile graphics, first person or isometric perspective, and plain ASCII, you can control using mouse, select a font, and get very simple sound effects).

    Brogue 1.5.1, 1.6.0, 1.7.0

    Brogue with changed font
    Brogue FPP
    Brogue isometric
    Brogue mini-tile
    Brogue TPP
    FPP with Oryx tiles
    Double mini-tiles
    Larger tiles

  • watch a Brogue video

  • NotEye takes Brogue's beautiful ASCII and well thought out gameplay into the next level. You need to use the libtcod replacement (see later). Map is supported, but it is quite hard to detect the windows that Brogue displays, so you will probably get some glitches when these windows show (as also shown on the video). You also get some very simple sound effects. NotEye now also works with Oryx's tiles for Brogue.

    Configuring NotEye to work with Brogue is quite difficult. You probably want to download an all-in-one package which includes NotEye and Brogue with Oryx tiles, and works out of the box.

    nLarn 0.7.2

    nLarn tiles
    nLarn FPP
    nLarn double-mini
    Nlarn TPP
    nLarn is a remake of the classic roguelike, Larn.

    There are not that many items and monsters, so NotEye supports most of them (although most weapon and armor look exactly the same in ASCII, and the same will happen in NotEye).


    Rogue tiles
    Rogue ISO
    Rogue double-mini
    The most classic roguelike. 26 monsters, and several types of items, I think all of them are recognized.

    Works well with BSD rogue (I mean one from the BSD games package on Linux). Also recognizes Epyx Rogue 1.48, but keys are not transferred from NotEye to Rogue (probably Rogue uses some DOS method which is not supported).


    DoomRL FPP
    DoomRL FPP 2
    DoomRL FPP 3
    DoomRL FPP 4

  • watch a DoomRL video

  • DoomRL is one of the most popular modern roguelikes. Traditionally ASCII only, but you could get the first person perspective via NotEye, which feels very appropriate for DoomRL. Since it also has very nice graphics, and hopefully in the future it will include a 3D version, better than what NotEye can offer :)
    Of course and later need to be played in the console mode (edit DoomRL's config file). Only the basic icons (I have no permission to use the official DoomRL tiles).

    Drakefire Chasm (7DRL version)

    a Druid casting a spell
    Breathing fire
    a Priest casting a spell, in 3D
    Drakefire Chasm is quite a good 7DRL from 2012. I think that the tileset covers everything, and you get mouse movement (as well as streaming and NotEye's other usual features). Tested with Drakefire Chasm under Wine, with NotEye running under Linux (I could not get fullscreen in Linux otherwise).

    NetHack 3.4

    NetHack ISO
    NetHack FPP
    One of the major roguelikes. This is a big game, and currently has only minimal support (walls and items).

    There are much better solutions for NetHack available (such as Vulture), but one good thing about NotEye is that you can run NetHack via one of the available NetHack servers (Telnet and SSH work via NotEye).

    ADOM 1.2.0

    ADOM FPP (old)
    ADOM Tiles (old)
    ADOM TPP (new)
    ADOM 1.2.0 uses NotEye as its display engine. Download the prerelease to check it out! (Two first images are old.) See also the blog for more screenshots.

    Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup 0.8

    Crawl FPP
    Crawl tiles
    Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup is one of the most popular modern major roguelikes. Only the basic icons, because it is probably better to play Crawl Tiles anyway. Maybe it would be possible to add a NotEye server to the Tiles version, which would allow to use NotEye's other graphical modes and networking capabilities with it.

    Frozen Depths 1.04

    Frozen Depths tiles
    Frozen Depths FPP
    Frozen Depths FPP 2
    A cold-themed roguelike. Basic icons only.

    TopDog (7DRL version)

    Another 7DRL from 2012. Basic icons. TopDog displays some information on the screen, and NotEye cannot interpret it correctly yet. Tested on Linux 64-bit.

    PRIME 1.10

    PRIME is a variant of Zapm. The developers of PRIME are currently working on a graphical version via the NotEye library. Download from the PRIME website to check it out.

    Gruesome, Unstoppable, Toby the Trapper, ChessRogue

    These four small ASCII games work somewhat well with NotEye.

    Other games

    NotEye game menu (old screenshot)
    NotEye menu (old screenshot)
    You can also play a Generic Roguelike, which should provide default support for most system console (e.g. Curses) roguelikes (using DOS fonts and going fullscreen should always work), and try to connect to Libtcod 1.5.1 roguelikes (see the libtcod replacement later). You are invited to provide more complete tilesets for these or other roguelikes!
    Download NotEye 7.6 + Hydra Slayer 15.6

    This all-in-one package contains Windows executables for NotEye and Hydra Slayer, as well as sources which can be compiled under Linux and OSX (possibly also under other operating systems).

    You can get (very outdated) OSX binaries here (sorry for not providing the proper complete package; copy these files to the main directory of NotEye 6.2 and run). Please ask me if you need OSX binaries of NotEye 7.6.

    NotEye includes some music form Rogue Bard (The naive Bard by Bushy (a cover by Mingos) and Azog's March by jice).

    Part of the graphic tiles used in this program is the public domain roguelike tileset "RLTiles". You can find the original tileset at: http://rltiles.sf.net
    These tiles are currently used by nLarn, Rogue, and NetHack.

    Released under GNU General Public License, version 2. As such, it comes with without any warranty. Disclaimer: I hope there are no crash bugs, but... Better not to test Necklace of the Eye on your important characters :)

    Note: some console games don't recognize the resolution correctly when started in fullscreen mode (probably because going fullscreen resizes the console and they think that it is too small). Run them in windowed mode and switch to full screen later. In some locales (e.g. Japanese) NotEye does not interpret the screen correctly, switch your locale e.g. to US in this case.
    Note: the Roguelike Bundle Draft 1.3 includes NotEye 7.5 and several roguelikes, already preconfigured to work with NotEye (and also several non-NotEye roguelikes).

    Redefining input keys

    NotEye has some features which allow redefining keys in roguelikes which do not support this option internally. This is mostly useful for directions (VI keys are hard to grasp for many users, and numpad is not available on laptops).

    Note that directions are automatically rotated if you are using one of the three-dimensional modes (ISO or FPP).

    Press K in the NotEye menu to see options related to redefining directions. They are as follows: You can also edit config.noe to add your own mappings. Consult this file for explanations.


    I think some information might be useful about streaming. So here it is.

    How to use with libtcod (e.g., Brogue)

    NotEye can work with libtcod games too. You need to substitute libtcod with a version which acts as a NotEye server, and then connect NotEye to it. Don't be afraid, this is quite simple (server is started automatically, and NotEye connects when you press M and L). I have compiled a NotEye version of libtcod 1.5.1 (which is not backwards compatible, so you cannot play games using a different version of Libtcod, unless you compile the NotEye support for an older version yourself). You can download NotEye version of the libtcod 1.5.1 library (compiled for Linux 64-bit and Windows MINGW, and sources) here.

    History and Future

    For versions before 3.0, see the old version's page. For version history after 3.0, see the blog.

    The following features are planned for the future versions of NotEye: NotEye is quite a complicated piece of software and probably contains numerous bugs and inefficiencies. Features are usually added when I need them for my current developments, that's why many of them are missing (like documentation). If something annoys you, please report it to me at zeno@attnam.com.

    Tilesets and configuration files for more roguelikes and other contributions are also very welcome :)

    If you would like to thank me for NotEye, or would like me to continue the development, donations and Bitcoins are welcome.


    Updates about Necklace of the Eye are published on my blog. You can discuss NotEye at the RogueTemple forum thread, or by e-mailing me (zeno@attnam.com).

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